Develop technique correctly the first time they are taught.

The structured levels of the Preparatory Academy begin to prepare students for their more formal training years in the study of the classical ballet technique. The classical technique is viewed as a tool to free and not to confine the dancer. Dancers are considered full time students at the school and take at least two to three classes per week. Classes are structured in a year-long progressive curriculum that increases in difficulty from level to level. Preparatory Academy students begin work on more intermediate aspects of the classical technique, such as self-analyzation, complexity of steps, upper body work, musical phrasing and pointe technique. In the Preparatory Academy, students are encouraged to be serious in their study while fully enjoying the class.


In the Preparatory Academy, the age requirements described and structure of our program is used as a general guideline to the function of our program. At ICSB, dancers are placed in a level according to their current technical ability. The curriculum is designed to build upon concepts introduced in the previous level.