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Download, print and complete the appropriate 2016 - 2017 Academic Year Registration Form.


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Organize the required fees to complete enrollment:

1. Registration Fee ($40 for Incoming Students or $30 for Returning Students)

2. First Tuition Installment (Due by the 1st of every month)


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Submit completed Registration Form in-person at our school address during our normal office hours:

Mondays 5pm - 8pm  |  Tuesdays - Fridays 12pm - 8pm


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(AGES 3 - 11)

Lower Division classes consisting of Creative Movement (ages 3-4), Pre-Ballet (ages 4-5), Primary Ballet (ages 6-7) and our Middle Division classes consisting of Intermediate Ballet (ages 8-9) and Preparatory Ballet (ages 10-11). 

In the Lower Division, the social aspects of class (such as forming a line, waiting your turn, etc.) are as important as plies. While basic ballet steps are introduced, students take class in a positive learning environment where they develop self-confidence in a fun way where they can understand basic ballet concepts, while also incorporating listening skills, concentration and team work. It is a way to introduce the basics of dance while acclimating kids to the structure of a class. As students move into the Middle Division, dancers begin to prepare for their more formal training years in the study of the classical ballet technique.

*Lower Division Classes will commence on Saturday August 6th, 2016.

*Middle Division Classes will commence on Monday August 15th, 2016.




*Audition Required

Upper Division students (new and returning) in the 2016-2017 Year-Round Program will be required to participate in a week of placement classes, designed specifically for our pre-professional program.

Upper Division students ages 12 and up receive advanced classical training in order to prepare them for any number of professional goals and career paths: these may include from acceptance and scholarship opportunities into various conservatories/universities to attaining professional dance company contracts in the US and abroad. During this first week of classes, students will be evaluated by a highly-qualified panel of guest adjudicators for placement into the different pre-professional levels that are offered at ICSB. This week will consist of an orientation towards the end of the week where parents and students will receive an official class schedule once placement is determined.

*Upper Division Classes will commence on Monday August 15th, 2016.




*No Audition Required

Students interested in receiving quality classical ballet training and  students of the competitive dance industry, we would like to announce a new program, Ballet Fundamentals. Ballet Fundamentals is a new level, specially curated to meet the needs of those students who wish to strengthen their ballet technique as an extra supplement to one’s training regimen at one’s current dance school. The classes will meet twice a week every week throughout the year after-school. We welcome all students interested in furthering their ballet technique to this program.

*Ballet Fundamentals Classes will commence on Monday August 15th, 2016.



For questions in regards to admission into the BI program, please contact the Artistic Director. All inquiries into the selection process, please contact us at (404) 405 - 3988 or email us at 



1295 West Spring Street SE, Suite 200
Smyrna, GA 30080

2nd Floor (Elevator available)



Middle and Upper Division students will now have the opportunity to add Pilates to their program curriculum. International City School of Ballet believes in the importance of injury prevention through a healthy and logical understanding of the body's natural mechanics. To address this, ICSB now has a fully equipped Pilates studio within the premises. The Pilates program will now be available for the 2015 - 2016 Academic Year Program as an optional addition to your dancer's curriculum. 

The Pilates Program fee is at a separate cost and is not included in the regular Academic Year tuition. For more information on pricing, time availabilities, and how Pilates can greatly benefit your dancer's educational experience at International City School of Ballet, please contact Kelli Sheilds at The Pilates Studio website by clicking on the link below.


Congratulations to former student Betty Cantrell, The Official 2016 Miss America Winner!

In less than two years of competing in the pageant industry, Betty managed to defy all the odds and emerge successfully at the age of 21. This opportunity will open many doors in her career; she aspires to be a performer on Broadway and she will most certainly attain this goal at some point. In the meantime, we send all of our love and energy to the new Miss America. She will continue to serve as a role model to students at ICSB for her courage, drive and passion for life. She is a great example of how the dedication learned in ballet training can translate into any endeavor in life.

For more information on this talented individual, please visit the Official Miss America Website by clicking on the link below.


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