Primary Academy

The Primary Academy introduces students to the art of movement by nurturing creativity, expression and musicality through our award-winning syllabus. Classes incorporate body awareness, motor skill development and present the vocabulary foundational to graduating onto the Pre-Professional Academy. Classes are taught utilizing music of the classical story ballets and children are introduced to ballet history and movement in a fun and creative way.

The levels within this program prepares students progressively for more formal training while encouraging the development of a love for dance and a sense of personal artistry and accountability. Dancers are considered full time students and come four days a week. Classes are structured in a year-long curriculum that increases in difficulty in preparation for the Pro 1 and Pro 2 levels. Students begin work on more intermediate aspects of the classical technique, such as self-analyzation, complexity of steps, upper body work, musical phrasing.

The Primary Academy consists of the following levels: Creative Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, Ballet 2 and Intermediate Ballet (click on the box below). 

Pre-Professional Academy

Placement into the Pre-Professional Academy is based solely on audition. Pre-Professional students (new and returning) are required to participate in a week of placement classes, designed specifically for our pre-professional program.  During this first week of classes, students will be evaluated by a highly-qualified panel of guest adjudicators for placement into the different pre-professional levels that are offered at ICSB.

Students in this program must demonstrate a serious interest and commitment to training several hours a week according to their level, including mandatory rehearsals. Students at this age begin to explore contemporary/modern movement to develop versatility and adopt a new perspective of ballet. The Pre-Professional Academy is divided into 3 levels: Preparatory Ballet, Pro 1 and Pro 2.

The Pre-Professional Academy consists of the following levels: Preparatory Ballet, Pro 1 and Pro 2.


Ballet Institute

The Ballet Institute is a daytime program for serious dancers who are interested in pursuing a professional or academic career in the field of dance. Dancers attend classes during the day, and work to improve their technique on a vigorous level. This program is designed to educate dedicated, talented and serious artists and maximize their chances of success in preparation for a professional or academic career. The BI program accepts no more than six students per level and is divided into two separate classes. With a class ratio of 1:6 dancers receive very intense personal attention and tailored instruction in their individual training. The BI program is for dancers who are available to commit to training during the day. A highly selective program, admittance is currently granted by invitation basis only.

Depending on one's readiness and progression, certain dancers in this program may be chosen to compete in international ballet competitions. Elected candidates are coached thoroughly in preparation for select competitions and all new compulsory contemporary variations will be choreographed in-house according to the most current requirements of the relevant competition. Students who participate in the BI program must also be enrolled in the evening program to be considered. 

Individuals who participate in this program must be physically and mentally able to balance the rigor of daily classes with the demands of their online academic curricula. BI students are expected to prioritize their schoolwork before their training and to sustain excellent grades in order to maintain their participation in the program.

Ballet Institute represents ICSB's longterm mission to produce the next generation of professional dancers, choreographers, artistic directors and dance critics/scholars to ensure the future of the art form. We believe that dancers with the right approach to their work and appropriate physical capabilities have a high chance at success in developing a career in the exceedingly competitive field of classical ballet. 

The primary goal of the International City School of Ballet is to provide exceptional ballet instruction to our students. Students of ICSB have had the opportunity to participate successfully in some of the world’s largest ballet competitions such as the Youth America Grand Prix, World Ballet Competition, Prix de Lausanne and USA International Ballet Competition: 

Ballet Institute's Private Preparation & Training: Former ICSB student and current Houston Ballet Demi-Soloist, Mackenzie Richter, performs a variation from Diana & Acteon of La Esmeralda coached for an international ballet competition.




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