Program Information

AGE: 11 & Up (placement is based according to their current technical ability, not age)

PRICE: $4500 (per annum)

Preparatory Ballet introduces students to the concept of self-awareness in their body placement and technique and more mature concepts at the barre and center. The curriculum also introduces the basics of the classical port de bras or structured “arms.” These students begin to do more intricate work in the center: coordination of the feet with the arms, basic concepts of the pirouette and increased complexity of combinations to increase memory retention. Students will continue to develop a proper level of technique in their placement and alignment as they incorporate these concepts. A more precise sense of musicality is also emphasized in this level. As a key and transitional age for young dancers, an acute grasp of elementary material is expected in order to exceed the primary vocabulary and enter into further intermediate level work. At this age, a more serious attitude towards their study is expected as most have made the decision to devote a majority of their recreational time developing their craft.

Combinations in both barre and center work increase in rapidity and the introduction of épaulement is integrated in all combinations to move towards a more mature and polished appearance. Preparatory Ballet students focus on the precision of their foot work, an emphasis on “spotting” in the pirouette along with a general elevated level of body control and awareness. This level will continue to go in depth and to build upon previously learned concepts, such as self-correction and focus upon total body coordination, which involves creating proper classical lines in the lower body with basic stabilization of the upper body. Continued awareness in carriage and professionalism is to be expected in this level. This level will prepare students to tackle specific Pre-Professional technical concepts.

Acceptance and Registration

Acceptance into our Pre-Professional Academy is via audition.  In the The Pre Professional Academy, the age requirements described and structure of our program are used as a general guideline to the placement of students.  We place dancers in a level according to their current technical ability and will not keep a dancer in a level based solely on age. The syllabus is designed to build upon concepts introduced in the previous level. However, dancers may often be moved up a level according to improvements in technical ability.  Contact us today to discuss audition requirements.

Registration of new students is by appointment only. Please contact the school to request registration documents prior to your appointment. The Registration fee ($70) and first tuition installment is required to complete the registration. Tuition is not pro-rated within a month. Parents have the option to pay tuition on either an annual or bi-annual basis or in monthly installments.


The International City School of Ballet admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of any of the aforementioned qualities or characteristics in its recruitment and admission of students, educational policies, scholarship programs, and the operation of any of its school-administered programs