Program Information

AGE: 12 & Up (placement is based according to their current technical ability, not age)

PRICE: $4500 (per annum for Pro 1 & Pro 2)

The pinnacle of the ICSB syllabus, the Pro 1 & Pro 2 levels of the Pre-Professional Academy are designed to provide the very finest dance education to serious ballet students searching for training that pushes them beyond their limits. The challenges placed daily upon the students aim to develop their technique towards a level of virtuosity through the careful guidance of the artistic staff. As the year progresses, students begin learning to execute the multiple pirouette, to find fluidity in their port de bras and more concentrated adagio work in the center by improving upon leg extensions. A basic understanding of pointe work is covered at the onset of the academic year.

As the students move up the Pre-Professional levels, intermediate to advanced proficiency in pointe work is expected. In addition, batterie in petit allegro work is a new concept introduced in these levels. The use of épaulement has been fully incorporated into the classical port de bras and Pre-Professional students focus on solidifying the subtleties of their upper body technique. Along with a general elevated level of artistic maturity and musicality, students focus upon technical dynamics, stamina, musical phrasing and versatility.

A majority of incoming students will commonly begin their training in the Preparatory Ballet, which will prepare students to tackle specific more advanced Pre-Professional technical concepts, such as technical virtuosity, a high level of stamina, sophisticated musical phrasing, advanced batterie and introduction to grand allegro work, study of classical variations, and the experimentation of conscious artistic choices. The solid ballet technique learned in the Pre-Professional levels provides students with the tools to excel in cutting edge contemporary work by up-and-coming guest choreographers. As students progress, dancers learn to break away from the technique and explore the body’s full range of movement, develop expression in their movement and cultivate an artistic voice through concept research & development. Fluency in multiple movement languages enable the students to develop versatility as well as virtuosity.

Acceptance and Registration

Acceptance into our Pre Professional Academy is via audition. The age requirements described and structure of our program are used as a general guideline to the placement of students. We place dancers in a level according to their current technical ability and will not keep a dancer in a level based solely on age. The syllabus is designed to build upon concepts introduced in the previous level. However, dancers may often be moved up a level according to improvements in technical ability.  Contact us today to discuss audition requirements!

Registration of new students is by appointment only.  Please contact the school to request registration documents prior to your appointment.  The Registration fee ($70) and first tuition installment is required to complete the registration.  Tuition is not pro-rated within a month. Parents have the option to pay tuition on either an annual or bi-annual basis or in monthly installments.


The International City School of Ballet admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of any of the aforementioned qualities or characteristics in its recruitment and admission of students, educational policies, scholarship programs, and the operation of any of its school-administered programs.