Premiere Instruction • Personalized Training • Proven Results


ICSB trains dancers and produces ballet at the professional standard. We aspire to bring audiences in touch with their elegance and intensity through this art form.


Premiere Intruction

ICSB offers premiere training as part of a unique program specially designed for dedicated students in the Atlanta metropolitan area who aspire to move forward to the next level of their training.

Personalized Training

ICSB offers an environment where the aspiring dancer can work hard, meet challenges head-on, pursue specific goals to develop strength, flexibility, musicality and precise classical technique in a positive and inspiring environment.

Proven results

Students of ICSB have been awarded top awards, scholarships and placements by some of the world's most prestigious international ballet competitions over the 10+ years of its existence.


Build a dream in ballet.

We teach students to build a dream in their art. This dream can be accomplished through a combination of training, dedication, and most importantly, passion. Our curriculum gives each dancer the tools not only to be an accomplished technician but also to believe and truly understand the art of ballet.


Develop technique correctly the first time they are taught.

Due to small student-to-teacher ratios in our classes, our instruction is tailored specifically to each dancer's gifts and physical limitations. Based on a strict syllabus that logically builds upon the dancer's technical foundation, we firmly believe that all dancers must master the step before moving forward.


Discover Your Potential

ICSB’s ambition is to provide all students with the limitless utility of a dance education that transfers further than technical achievements. We aim to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators; a self-disciplined, creative and driven workforce that will shape the cultural landscape of the 21st Century.

Through the training offered at ICSB, students will cultivate the grit and work-ethic necessary to be successful in anything they choose. The dedication and attention to detail learned in ballet training cultivates a work ethic that can be translated to all aspects of life and lead to success in various activities and careers.

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